Testing Drives Sales Gains for Avanti Press Customers

March 2, 2020 (Detroit, MI) – Avanti Press publishes 31 pre-tested new cards from its 3 brands this month. The introduction includes 5 embellished cards from the “humor that sparkles” A*Press brand, 10 new Avanti brand cards, and 16 cards from the company’s fastest-growing brand, America.

Avanti Press re-engineered its creative and production process several years ago by adding a retail testing period into the product introduction cycle. “The result is that our new card introductions today deliver improved velocity and variety for our retailers,” says Avanti Press Director of Product Planning, Lisa Engler.

The need to create new greeting cards that connect with consumers has gained intensity as retailers strive to optimize relevance with a fast-moving shopper. “In this age of rapid content consumption,” offers Engler, “refreshing the greeting card display regularly with new designs is a necessity for our retailers.”

“The America collection has really taken off for us in the past few years,” relates Engler. “We find rarely-seen archival photographs and share the history behind them, creating a strong emotional connection for people of all ages to share. The America brand is now established as a year-round display program for our retailers, and pre-testing new cards helps us fine-tune the content and categories we’re selecting for all 3 brands.”

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