Avanti Press Introduces New Cards

 March 2, 2021 (Detroit, MI) – Greeting Card publisher Avanti Press introduces 26 new cards for its 3 unique brands. “We constantly create new products for our testing funnel,” describes Chip Owen, Executive Vice President at Avanti Press. “As a result, our retailers enjoy a regular diet of pre-tested cards driving strong display refreshment to satisfy the market’s increasing hunger for cards.”

This introduction, the second for the company in 2021, adds refreshment to the Avanti brand as well as A*Press and America greeting card brands.

Birthday gluttony, retirement reinforcement, and more original characters – the Avanti brand introduction features 8 new designs with bright, bold images and feel good funny verses.

The A*Press brand features 5 new cards, with an expanded illustrative style that adds diversity for a contemporary and discerning card shopper.  The fresh styling is paired with fun and send-able copy to broaden sales appeal.

The history loving America brand features 13 designs, including a unique image of Halley’s Comet photographed in 1986 that tested #1 in most locations. Other cards feature Johnny Cash on a train, Nuns in bumper cars, Yellowstone grandeur, a Northwestern log flume, plus beer, trains, and a hot air balloon. Read the histories



Founded in 1980, Avanti Press is a Detroit-based publisher of Avanti, the Global Humor Brand™ as well as the America and A*Press greeting card collections. The company presents its everyday and seasonal card collections in leading regional and national retail outlets as well as independent outlets throughout the United States and Canada. Translated into over 20 languages and distributed around the world, the company also licenses its content to a variety of leading manufacturers of general merchandise categories.

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