February 24, 2023

Dominique Schurman, a creative visionary, and brand creator for more than 30 years announced today that her NIQUEA.D Lifestyle Brand of greeting card and stationery will be exclusively distributed to the North American retail trade by greeting card publisher Avanti Press in cooperation with her recently established licensing partnership with Calendar Holdings

Living in California as a first generation American the NIQUEA.D Brand was influenced by Dominique’s European heritage and love of nature. The products have been inspired by people and moments that have touched her life through emotion, laughter, and tears-qualities of born of the heart that have become the soul of the brand.

Avanti Press adds NIQUEA.D to its current award-winning ensemble of Avanti, America and A*Press greeting card brands.   Avanti will fully support existing NIQUEA.D retail customers effective March 15th in the USA, and effective June 1st in Canada.  Appointments for the expanded Avanti Press multi-brand retail ensemble program will begin in June.

Calendar Holdings serves as the licensee of NIQUEA.D and will serve the NIQUEA.D direct-to-consumer marketplace through its various ecommerce platforms.


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 Avanti Press

 Calendar Holdings