Avanti Lives Green

At Avanti, we've been green for years!

But being green isn't only about printing on paper with recycled content, which we've been doing for as long as we can remember. It's about not using chlorine to wash away inks in the recycling process. It's a story about inks (ours are VOC-free). It's about creating a product that can be responsibly recycled and reused for additional paper products downstream. 

We're constantly driving improvements through our products and processes that promote long-term sustainability. Which is why we say "Avanti Lives Green," it reminds us that sustainability is a process, not just a slogan.

Our vision is to reinforce eco-friendly actions that extend beyond our office doors. We spend staff hours volunteering with local gardening and reforestation organizations to create more green space in our local community. Our Detroit headquarters features floor covering made from recycled car tires and we have converted to compact fluorescent light bulbs. All recyclable materials used during the course of business are responsibly recycled. Biodegradable corn-based utensils are provided in our lunchroom. Any products returned to Avanti are also recycled.

These are just a few of the things that we've started doing to encourage sustainable habits.