Heart, Humor and History

Icing on the Cake
A party without cake is just a meeting. ~Julia Child Happy Birthday 
New York

A Day at the Beach
Fabulous forever!
Happy Birthday
New Jersey

Top Hat Burger
You’re today’s special!
Happy Birthday 
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  • Timeless archival photography 
  • Iconic and everyday moments
  • Rich historical text and quotes on the back of every card
  • Heartfelt and lighthearted verses 
  • 72 and 96 pocket display programs available 

The America collection celebrates iconic American life, from favorite pastimes to remarkable landscapes to people and events that made history. Sourced from venerable photo archives, the 170+ cards remain authentic to their original prints, and date as far back as 1893.

“We love photography and story-telling,” describes Avanti’s President, Rick Ruffner. “Our humor card line succeeds in part because of the narrative imagery on page one and the punch line inside that completes the story. When we began to unearth the photos for this collection we were blown away by the stories they told. The resulting cards are completely different than Avanti brand, but there is a common thread that is organic to our unique history of story-telling.”

Rigorously researched historical copy appears on the back of each card, detailing the date and location of the image and the unique story of each scene. From the history of Mount Rushmore, modern jazz, and the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., to the lives of trailblazing women and the popularity of baseball, surfing, traveling, and more, the collection offers a robust and varied vision of the American experience. Over 150 cards are now available.

Personal sentiment appears inside the cards, with greetings for Birthday, Anniversary, Thinking of You, Hope, and Gratitude, among others. “The copy tone is smart, sincere, and lighthearted,” says Ruffner.  “A few of our cards even play with humor, which Avanti has excelled at for almost 40 years. We think there’s nothing quite like this on the market right now.”