Introducing an exceptionally crafted card collection 

  • Over 400 Everyday designs available
  • Retail $4.95 to $14.95 | Wholesale units are 3 and 6
  • Lifestyle product range includes notecards, journals, puzzles and more
  • FREE shipping on orders over $150
  • Can be combined with other Avanti Press cards on same order
  • Cannot be combined with other Avanti Press cards on display

Niquea.D celebrates all of life’s meaningful moments with an expansive range of exceptionally crafted cards. With an exquisite sense of style inspired by European elegance and the beauty of the natural world, Niquea.D’s unique range of designs features fashionable details, bold florals, precious textiles, modern letterpress, intricate lace creations, and extraordinary quilling. Messages are personal and poignant, meant to create a lasting connection.  

  • Thoughtful details distinguish NIQUEA.D from other lines 
  • Dominique Schurman’s personal aesthetic comes from decades in the greeting card industry
  • Designed to appeal to consumer’s taste and all facets of life  
  • Art-driven content with “just enough” editorial inspires words of your own     

NIQUEA.D is for anyone who aspires to enhance the lives of others with the perfect card—a priceless gift cherished for years to come. When it comes to setting the standard for innovation on paper, nobody comes close to NIQUEA.D. Card #NTY0046 (Merci Beaucoup - below) featuring layered laser cutting, was the 2023 Winner of the LOUIE Award for Paper Engineering and Innovation:

Watch Dominique describe what makes NIQUEA.D different:



  • Unique, precious, elegant, stylish, artistic


  • Warm, poignant, traditional, friendly

Watch Dominique describe an "Amazing" Card