Retail is changing, and Hardware stores are on the front lines of change!

Hardware stores in the USA and Canada are experiencing a new customer coming through their doors, and it's not always the same old rooster!

Shopping patterns are shifting as a result. With the soundtrack of their lives playing in the background - Anniversaries, Birthdays, Congratulations, New Babies, New Homes, Weddings, Get Wells and more - shoppers are excited to find greeting cards that supplement the items on their to-do list.

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Hardware stores remain one of the core retail destinations that consumers frequent. Greeting cards and Hardware stores go together because they both serve essential needs! Avanti Press serves up essential humor - the #1 trait shoppers respond to when browsing greeting cards.



Why Greeting Cards?

Greeting cards are experiencing growth as an essential way to stay connected.

"The trade association for the roughly $8 billion industry had anticipated a strong season, and that’s exactly what happened. From the greeting card giants that dominate display racks to the small hand-crafting boutiques, business is booming."  - Fast Company

"In a year marked by distance, loss and virtual stand-ins, physical greeting cards are selling quite well." - NY Times

“2021 is actually looking like a pretty decent time to be in greeting cards.” – Marie Claire Magazine

    • Market Research performed by the USPS shows 61% of consumers feel that mail is “extra special” during recent periods of social distancing. - USPS
    • Over 2.28 billion cards are sent through the mail annually. - USPS Household Diary 

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Why Avanti? Big Sales in Small Spaces!

The Avanti display system consolidates traditional card aisle square footage requirements in half or less! On top of that, Avanti's displays show the cards full face, with zero overlap, which accelerates impulse sales.

Example: 192 Pocket Display
photo courtesy of In Town ACE Hardware, Decatur, GA

  • 192 designs x 6 per pocket = 1,152 pieces
  • Retail value is $4,020 or higher (depending on brand)
  • Normally would require 8 linear feet 
  • Display requires only 33" spin diameter
  • Entire base spins (lazy susan)
  • All 4 towers spin individually
  • Shoppable from every side, anywhere in store
  • Durable steel components made in North America


But Wait! There's More: Year-round Seasonal!

Seasonal cards are a big deal. Christmas cards alone represent 1.2 billion pieces of mail every year! There is always a holiday to celebrate, and greeting cards are more important than ever as a way to stay connected.

We provide an annual subscription service - AUTO AVANTI - that keeps your seasonal display continuously filled with new and best selling cards. This continuous rotation of revenue-generating product is backed by Avanti's no-hassle exchange benefit to recycle your investment back into future purchases (either seasonal or everyday).

Hardware Store Program Details for USA & CANADA

Initial display is provided at no charge with purchase of greeting cards (standard catalog displays only). Customer is responsible for display freight costs. However, display upgrade kits are available at no charge.

Orders over $69 qualify for free freight. All orders under $69 are charged an additional shipping and handling fee of $7.95.

Net-30 invoice dating available on everyday reorders with verified references completed on the New Account Agreement Form.

Credit for damaged or unsold cards may be applied to non-seasonal reorders with verified removal of the cards from the store. Credit memo is issued for future purchases. No limit. No refunds.

Automatically qualify for our year-round seasonal display program with first display free, 100% exchange for credit, and Net-60 dating.

All this can be yours when you sell our non-seasonal cards year-round on our 144 or 192 pocket program displays. A signed New Account Agreement Form is required.

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