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Stand 334

For over 30 years Avanti has been honing its unique style of photographic humorous greetings cards. At PG Live we invited retailers to discover the unique equation that has made Avanti the self-proclaimed Global Humour Brand™.


From our start as a photo art line with an emphasis on top of the line production values, our content organically evolved into a fresh style of humour based on characters in hilarious, often exaggerated, but highly relatable situations. This marriage of award-winning production values with character-based humour that everyone can relate to is what sets the Avanti brand apart. It is a true original brand, “often imitated, never duplicated.”


Data from recent third-party studies of consumer behaviour commissioned by Avanti reaffirms what we’ve always known: humour is the #1 kind of content that greeting card consumers are looking for. Not only that, but a friendly kind of “easy, clean and age” humour is what they purchase the most, and that is our specialty. It’s the only thing we do, and we do it very well.


Visitors to PG Live discovered these facets of the Avanti brand on display in our new inlline fixture plus custom floor stand.


Spring Fair 2014

Hall 4 H20

Avanti celebrated in style with friends in Birmingham at this year's Spring Fair!


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