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Fan Mail:
What They’re Saying About Avanti

We don't have a trophy case at Avanti, but we will take the occasional High Five for a job well done from our customers. High fives are more important to us than any award!

“The cards are amazing, they are so funny. I always know when customers are looking at them as I can hear the giggling. They are absolutely brilliant.” - Dorset

"My regular customers love to buy your merchandise. Which is most excellent, this makes my tills very happy." 
- Gloucestershire

“We’re really pleased, the cards were an instant attraction.  Our customers love the animal humour and they come back to buy more.  No matter how many times you look at the cards, they’re funny!” - Sandown

“I bought your cards because they fit in well.  Kids like them.  Mums like them. It is the right look for my shop.” - Hungerford

"I sell anything that I think will sell. We have all kinds of cards and your range is one of our best.  They stand out – even in here.” - Cullen

"Humour.  I needed humour. The cards are clever.  They look good in my shop.  People love looking and reading your cards." - Evnsham

"We are very happy with the whole range. They keep everybody happy, they cheer up all the customers. We are very, very pleased with them." - Minchinhamption