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Right from Our Mailbox!

We love getting messages through this site on all kinds of topics. Some of our favorite fan mail is reprinted below (last names have been withheld). Pop us a message, we might include it here!

I simply want to Thank You all at Avanti for the fantastic assortment of greeting cards! Many times I have drawn other customers over to the display rack just by laughing at the photos... the animals are my favorite! I just bought the grey tabby with the pumpkin on his head for my sister in Washington. Keep up the great work, love the photos and greetings inside. – Verdelle R.

About a year or two ago my wife gave me an Avanti Card entitled "Tiger Stadium – A Magical Place of Wonder" picturing a little boy sitting by himself in the bleachers of the old Tiger Stadium. I liked this card so much that I framed it and now I would like to purchase a few more for some of my older Tiger fans who I know like me would thoroughly appreciate receiving this card.   Best regards - Jerry A.

Hi, just wanted to tell you the ABSOLUTE JOY my friends have experienced when I've given them the Dog dressed in pink ballet clothes which asks What do you think...too matchy matchy? I do believe this is my all time favorite card. I know the person receiving it is going to explode in laughter.....I LOVE to bring laughter. Thanks for bringing JOY TO ALL OF US!!!!! - Eve E.

....you've got the BEST cards!! I love them! They make me laugh over and over!! – Linda W.