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We Take Funny Seriously

Humor is a universal language. It's a language we all speak in our own personal way, and nothing is more personal than a greeting card. Avanti greeting cards provide unique and memorable ways to make a connection through humor.

Each year we push for even better ways to keep people connected, delivering quality products with uncommon value. Our vibrant designs and fun verses are printed on environmentally friendly paper with brilliant vegetable inks. From the beginning, our products have always been made in USA. Today, they are sold all around the world!

Avanti cards are emblazoned with quirky expressive characters that frequently find themselves in everyday predicaments - situations that everyone can identify with and then laugh out loud or smile about!  Our cards offer bright, bold, imaginative and fun ways to reach out to each other. 

A*Press is a fashionably fun collection of cards that combines graphic design, illustration, typography and creative print embellishments to deliver its playful and charming attitude.  This unique collection allows our consumers to send a smile with style.