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Take a Look Back... Avanti History

It all began... in 1980, when young Rick Ruffner arrived at his first National Stationery Show in New York City with a handful of samples. While everyone told him his concept would never work, his first four orders were placed that day, and it set the stage for a quickly growing phenomenon (once he found out you could buy generic order form pads at the drug store). Rick’s brand evolved rapidly into a humorous style of colorful, clever story-telling that became the Avanti brand.


Fast Friends... Over the years, we have forged alliances with some of the best retail partners and distributors around the world, many of whom have continuously sold Avanti for 30 years or more. A UK-based fulfillment centre and customer service team accelerated the company’s ability to ship orders quickly and efficiently in 2007. By emphasizing professional in store service and rapid order turn around, Avanti stays ahead of the constant demand created by shoppers across the nation and the world.

In The End... Avanti is really just a small group of crazy card nuts who have managed to make a big splash doing what we do best: making people smile.