COVER 2015 US Catalog webTutu Much Humor?
No Such Thing

Avanti’s slogan for 2015: you can never have Tutu Much humor! The 2015 catalog, in addition to having a chipmunk in a tutu on the cover, exemplifies this view with its expanded product offering.

Big Funny! features oversized die-cut characters that make a big belly-laugh impression. The initial launch features 14 characters inspired by top-performing designs. Science has yet to prove that bigger laughs are better laughs, but we’re willing to bet the data will support that theory!

Peel & Sticks are unique removable, reusable sticker cards. They extend the funny moment for the card recipient through attitude stickers from the front and back. The possibilities are endless for this one-of-a-kind product; 12 new cards push the boundaries of social expression products through their playful aftermarket features. Sure to have strong a-peel for kids young and old!

Write Your Own! Avanti makes its contribution to self-expression as well this year, doubling its collection of blank card designs. And for people with small hand-writing styles, the MINI blank collection was also increased with 12 new designs for small note-sharing opportunities.

In addition to these new concept lines, there are new arrivals in Birthday captions for both Avanti and A*Press. Romance, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Support and Sympathy are also supported with new production features that really bring out their softer side. While humor is Avanti’s legacy, the brand has an answer for every occasion, and can fulfill more serious needs with a lighter touch that is upbeat, positive and appropriate.

Avanti’s 35-year old everyday card line celebrates its niche as the global humor brand with some of the freshest content on the market. “We create a humor destination that makes it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for in all the categories they want to buy,” asserts Marc Trobman, Vice President of Business Development. “With our high impact one-of-a-kind look we deliver a branded humor solution at a variety of price points that satisfy shoppers’ cravings for both value and quality. It fills the humor gap that most retailers have in their existing set. Our content transcends boundaries of age, gender and ethnicity, making Avanti displays a one-stop shop for everybody’s humor needs!”


Founded by Rick Ruffner in 1980, Avanti Press is a Detroit-based publisher of Avanti, the Global HumorBrand™ as well as the A*Press greeting card collection. The company presents its everyday and seasonal card collections in leading regional and national retail outlets as well as independent outlets throughout the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, licensed and distributed around the world. For more information please contact Dave Phipps at 313-262-8644 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

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