New from A*Press

April 4, 2016 (Detroit) – Avanti publishes 6 new greeting cards from the award-winning A*Press collection this week, bringing the total to 22 new cards published in the past 8 months.

This week’s introduction includes 3 Birthday cards, two Friendship, and one Get Well. One of the new Friendship cards spells out the words GIRLS NIGHT OUT in a foil-embossed font designed to look like marquee lights that pop on a wash of purple glitter – the verse inside says “Girlfriends are better than therapy!” Another card shows a pair of reading glasses inside a mostly finished glass of white wine sitting on a stack of books – “I read that too much wine is bad for you… I decided to give up reading!”

“A*Press is a funny girlfriend to girlfriend card line,” describes Kari Knowlton, Director of Business Development, “and it’s visually stunning! It uses glitter, emboss and flocking to accentuate the graphics and tell the story. But the great thing about A*Press is its voice, which captures the fun and camaraderie girlfriends share. As far as I know it’s the only premium card line out there with that kind of emphasis on humor.”

This unique blend of striking graphics and witty verses is articulated on new A*Press display signage. The words “Pretty Funny” in contrasting glittered fonts next to a huge pair of lips with a martini olive on a toothpick lets consumers know that they’ve found something truly unusual!

“We’re delighted that A*Press is enjoying such an exciting period of growth,” says Knowlton. “It’s a great time to add A*Press as an outpost display – the latest wave of content makes it the perfect addition to the wine department where it ties in perfectly with celebrations and gift-giving!”


Founded by Rick Ruffner in 1980, Avanti Press is a Detroit-based publisher of Avanti, the Global Humor Brand™ as well as the A*Press greeting card collection. The company presents its everyday and seasonal card collections in leading regional and national retail outlets as well as independent outlets throughout the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, licensed and distributed around the world. For more information please contact Dave Phipps at 313-262-8644 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

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In a world full of dull balloons, you always sparkle! Happy Birthday I read that too much wine is bad for you... I decided to give up reading!  Girlfriends are better than therapy!