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When Avanti Press exhibits at trade shows, we go LIVE! Avanti LIVE is our way of celebrating our hilarious greeting card brands in real-time. We spotlight hot-off-the-press products and fixture innovations on a vibrant stage, cheered on by larger than life Avanti characters. Best of all, we invite visitors to step up to the microphone and go LIVE with their own one-liners and funny stories – because sharing relatable stories and making people laugh out loud is what the Avanti brands are all about!


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July 11 - 18
Building 2 - Showroom 662


Avanti's permanent showroom is open for business during the July gift show. We are highlighting AMERICA on the 48 pocket display in the front corner of the LIVE space along with fresh AMERICA posters in the window. LIVE 3.0 specials are happening every day!





July 30 - August 3
World Market Center, Building C 
Showroom 691

West coast retailers and beyond are looking for new products at the end of the month. Avanti will be exhibiting on the 6th floor in #C691, in the California Marketing Associates (CMA) showroom. 





McCormick Place

August 17th-19th (Thursday-Saturday)

Booth# 3945


Avanti is on a mission to be in every ACE Hardware store that is a good fit for greeting cards. We will be offering our LIVE 3.0 specials at their corporate show next month. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The UPS Store Display Upgrade

 DISPLAY CODE DISP140UPS - 53" tall / 29.75" spin diameter  

The 140 pocket display was the hit of last year’s National Convention. It allows you to offer more variety by adding a tower of A*Press and wings featuring StandOuts™ and MOTION cards. It takes up the SAME amount of space but offers you so much more in customer selection and profit per square foot as a result.



To be included in the next shipment (July 31), submit order by June 9

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  more details | DOWNLOAD Upgrade Form 

Upgrade assortment will include 50 packs of cards (30 A*Press, 10 Blanks & 10 A+Plus) and will ship on open control with a full set of reorder tickets. We also have an assortment featuring the same set except 30 BLANK designs instead of A*Press


OR...  If you're interested in our *NEW* America card product, Avanti is fleixble to execute shipment for those cards to your center as well.

All display parts and freight are FREE

Final fill cost for cards may vary 

Estimated cost $615 (after 5% discount)

Net-90 available on upgrade shipment



Expo East

 Expo East Web Header

Feel Good Funny! The Avanti brand is all about characters caught in the act of living life to the fullest. They light up the greeting card aisle with their upbeat, positive outlook on life – live large, play hard, laugh loud! Translated into over 20 languages and sold around the world, Avanti products connect with consumers regardless of age, race or background. With the addition of BIG Funny, StandOuts, BLANKS and Minis, and the Pretty Funny A*Press collection, the Avanti universe has something for everyone!

Did you know?
Avanti greeting cards are eco-friendly!
• FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council)
• SFI Certified (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)
• PEFC Certified
(Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
• 10% post-consumer recycled content
• All inks free of VOCs
• 100% printed in USA


Avanti participates in the 25% Off Club for Expo East 2016


Standard Program Benefits Include

• Free Display with Card Purchase

• Free Freight on Orders over $99

• Exchanges for credit on unsold or damaged product

• In Store Service throughout North America

• Seasonal subscription - Auto Avanti!


CLICK HERE for complete program and costs

 05330 MMR Avanti Displays July 2016

200800 Woodward Ave Streetcar

Woodward Avenue Streetcar


 200800 Woodward Avenue Streetcar
In 1941, Detroit’s Department of Street Railways operated one of the most vibrant mass transit systems in the country, including 910 electric streetcars rumbling over a web of 20 railcar routes. By 1952, however, all but four lines had been converted to diesel busses: Michigan (its busiest and most profitable route), Woodward, Gratiot, and Jefferson. On Sunday, April 8, 1956, about 2,000 streetcar enthusiasts participated in the last ceremonial runs on Woodward. Afterwards the entire streetcar fleet was sold to Mexico City, where many continued to operate until a 1985 earthquake destroyed the last of them.
 griswold and shelby


griswold and shelby2



A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this card benefits the Detroit Historical Society.

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200784 Obstructed View



 obstructed view


A Tigers fan peeks from behind one of the steel support beams holding up the second deck at Briggs Stadium. The park’s stands were so close to the action that fans could sometimes hear infielders chatting, but the price of such intimacy was thousands of obstructed view seats. While many fans regarded the posts as a major irritant, most dismissed them as just one of the quirks that helped make the stadium unique. “Like the assembly-line town it represented,”
essayist Peter Hyman eulogized after the stadium closed in 1999, “the ballpark was more workmanlike than elegant—full of imperfections but entirely lacking in pretense.”



A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this card benefits the Detroit Historical Society.

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