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  IMHO - In My Humble Opinion                                                                                                

 201140 NSFW FlashingCouple Lingo FN  NSFW - Not Safe For Work
201490 FUTAB CatEatsDonut Lingo FN FUTAB - Feet Up, Take a Break
201064 OTT DiscoCat Lingo FN OTT - Over The Top
TLA TLA - True Love Always

Historic Detroit

 200238 nothingstopsdetroit

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Introducing a stunning visual history of Detroit in the 20th century. Drawing on a collection of news photos taken by some of the finest editorial photographers in the country, the imagery evokes an intimate portrait of Detroit at its finest.


But the strength of the collection goes beyond nostalgia for a simpler time. These cards appeal to Detroiters who remember but also introduce younger people and those new to the area to a city that we love and still believe in. The cards also celebrate an important style of news photography with powerful, emotionally potent graphics that people can share. 


"Avanti is based in downtown Detroit and we can feel the buzz and the energy that is intensifying all around us," says Avanti's founder, Rick Ruffner. "A collection celebrating the richness of the past was our way of celebrating the promise of the future."

The Historic Detroit collection includes 72 blank note-card designs, priced at $3.99 retail. All cards are printed in Detroit on FSC-certified paper with recycled content. Avanti donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every card to the Detroit Historical Society.




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