What does Avanti mean?

Avanti means “move forward!” in Italian. We thrive on innovation, always pushing the envelope to create something fresh and exciting to delight our customers.

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Where are you located and how can I reach you?

We are based in downtown Detroit, Michigan with additional creative offices in New York. Click here to contact us.

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What are Avanti’s local, regional and national affiliations?

Avanti has cultivated local, regional, and national alliances with groups that support health and environmental causes, pet rescue and rehabilitation, as well as schools and other social organizations.

Avanti is a member of the GCA US & UK, CGTA, APPMA and PIJAC.

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When I’m travelling internationally, where can I buy Avanti?

You can buy Avanti cards in Canada (in French in Quebec), Ireland, the UK, Holland, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Lebanon, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan!

If you are visiting the United Kingdom, click here

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How many occasions do you support?

We currently offer cards for 32 different everyday occasions, plus all major holidays. From our signature “Almost Funny” all-occasion card to pet-specific categories like Pet Get Well and Pet Sympathy, we’ve really got a card for every occasion!

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