Avanti Press, Inc.
National Stationery Show Booth 1504

Showcasing 3 unique brands in just 600 square feet inside the Javits Center was a challenge for the Avanti Press team in 2018. By staging all 3 card brands on a spot-lit 12-foot display, with aerial signage to highlight the newest brand, AMERICA, the company is creating an environment that supports multiple messages.

Avanti: Unique Humor

Avanti is the #1 humor brand. Our feel good funny brand features characters caught in the act of living life to the fullest. Retailers should know that Avanti creates one of a kind content that they won’t find anywhere else, 100% Made in USA – with 24 new cards premiering at NSS.  This year, Avanti brand cards are nominated for LOUIE awards by the Greeting Card Association in 6 different categories:

  • Friendship/Encouragement > Humorous > $4.00 and Below 203222 Cranky Exercise Cat
  • Christmas/Seasonal > Humorous > $4.00 and Below 702264 Pug Christmas Tree
  • Christmas/Seasonal > Humorous < $4.00 and Over 702270 Pug Cat/Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Non-Religious Celebrations > $4.00 and Below 702226 Mouse on big leaf
  • Religious Celebrations > $4.00 and Below 702228 Chipmunk Menorah
  • Mother's Day > $4.00 and Below 702000 Cat Reading Book


AMERICA: Heart, Humor & History

AMERICA is Avanti’s newest brand, and it is growing at a rapid pace, embraced by many of Avanti’s existing retailers, while providing a new experience for retailers who have never worked with us before. The unique archival photography coupled with heartfelt verses and short histories illuminating the emotional undertone of each scene all combine to deliver a powerful product for communicating.

NSS attendees are invited to share their own AMERICA stories to receive a free card with postage stamp that Avanti Press will deliver to the post office from the show.

An AMERICA card has been nominated for a LOUIE award in the Thank You > $4.00 and Below category (702842 Cowboy/Canyon)


A*PRESS: Pretty Funny!

Retailers will discover a meticulously developed collection of 72 best selling cards from our 160-card A*Press brand, featuring new content hot off the press last month. With 7 LOUIE Awards to its credit, A*Press is an industry favorite, with its unique voice, dazzling embellishments, Made in USA!


* Giftbeat Newsletter currently ranks Avanti Press #1 based on register sales from independent card and gift shops.

cranky psychoanalyst cat

Avanti, A*Press and America offer something for everyone

Through its close relationships with regional chain retailers across the country, Avanti Press has the ability to study consumer insight data to drive product development. As a result, the company has expanded its brand experience for 2018, along with new merchandising strategies to diversify the shopper experience.
Recognizing an opportunity to satisfy a gap in the market for authentic historic story-telling, the company fast-tracked its newest brand – AMERICA – bringing it to test markets in 2017. Featuring rarely seen archival photography with stirring historical background, it also includes a humor component that consumers have embraced in tests. The company offers it as the lead brand in its 2018 catalog.
For design conscious women, especially top-end millennial shoppers, the company has recalibrated the look and tone of its award-winning A*Press brand. This prestige collection, which won 7 LOUIE Awards in its first 7 years as an upscale bridal line, has undergone a transformation into a tastefully quirky solution for today’s shopper.

Meanwhile, the Avanti core photographic line has continued to build on its universal appeal with a wide variety of formats and price points. Avanti MOTION captured the #1 spot for Birthday cards over $3.50 from the Greeting Card Association last year, and the company continues to publish new and engaging content for the imprint. Rich new content has also expanded StandOuts™, BIG Funny and Blanks.

The 3 unique brands complement each other in-line and can also be merchandised on individual towers within Avanti’s compact spinner environments. Satellite card collections in other parts of the store are also available as a way to build incremental sales. The company now offers a number of options, including a full-faced easel display and 48- and 72-pocket spinner displays for it’s a*Press and America line.